Our goal for each and every pet is that Stonington Kennels is their second home and our staff is their extended family. To accomplish this we interact with the pets during the day through play and petting.

We offer all-breed dog and cat boarding, and on occasion rabbits, birds, hamsters, and even skunks have vactioned with us.

Dog Boarding

Complimentary Bath

Dogs that stay with us for seven or more charged nights receive a complimentary bath before they go home.

Each dog has its own 4′ by 4′ inside bedroom, with a see-through door that leads directly to its own 4′ by 10′ outside covered run. All inside and outside runs are washed down and disinfected daily. Water is available at all times. Music is played continuously to provide a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. Bedding is provided by the kennel. Owners may bring special treats if they desire–in labeled Zip-lock bags

During the cooler months, inside rooms are maintained at 70 degrees and dogs are exercised in their own individual outside runs four or five times per day, beginning at 7 am and ending at 11 pm. During the warmer months kennels are cooled by a combination of natural ventilation and central air conditioning and the dogs’ doors remain open during the day to allow them to run in and out as they wish.

If desired by the owner, a dog can be given extra brushing or go for a romp in the field for an additional charge.

Cat Boarding

The cats are maintained in a room separate from the dogs. Each cat has its own apartment with food, water, litter box and toys, which is cleaned and changed as needed. Each feline receives daily exercise in an indoor, fenced area